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Support sessions and webinars

We offer a range of support options for advisers and the centres in which they work. All one-to-one support options are for registered Arts Award centres only and are aimed at people who have been on training.  

One-to-one support sessions

As part of Arts Award's adviser support offer we provide the opportunity to request a free support session from one of our support consultants

Most sessions are offered remotely (via video call, phone or email) but you can request a face-to-face session if you meet our priority criteria:

  1. an adviser with access needs that mean face-to-face works better
  2. delivering Arts Award with large groups (approx 50+ for Bronze, Explore and Discover 20+ for Silver and 10+ for Gold)
  3. working in a cluster or alliance with other centres and would like a visit for the whole group
  4. had a difficult or unsuccessful moderation
  5. working with one of Arts Award’s identified targeted groups of young people (the majority of group must be in one of more of the categories).

Sessions last 1-3 hours of consultant time and you can send materials to your consultant to review.

Please note visits and remote support are for trained advisers only and do not replace attending Arts Award adviser training.

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Support calls

If you would like a short 15-30 minute chat with someone about any part of the Arts Award process from planning your Arts Award project to how to move to digital evidencing and tips for assessment and moderation please book in a support chat with one of the support team below.

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We have a programme of webinars to support advisers with themes that should support a wide range of different advisers and centres with their delivery.  

Get support with planning, or develop your Arts Award practice on our free support webinars. You join these remotely from your computer, tablet or phone and can either join live or watch the recording back when you like.

Click on the title to be taken through to register for the webinar. If you have missed a webinar don't worry you can still register to watch the recording.

Upcoming webinar topics



Arts Award and the new assessment/quality assurance model

In this webinar we will explore the important changes we have made to how we quality assure Arts Award.

Upcoming network events
Thursday 30 November 4pm


Arts Award is continually working to improve access to our programmes, including our support offer, for everyone with specific individual requirements. You can find out more on this here.

If you have any specific access needs, please contact us as far in advance as you can to discuss these requirements. While we cannot guarantee that every request can be met we will endeavour to offer support to all advisers wherever possible. This may mean that an alternative support method is more appropriate.

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