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Best Practice Guidebook

For full assistance in optimising delivery of Arts Award at your centre please download the Best Practice Guidebook.

Download Best Practice Guidebook


  • Introduction - An overview of Arts Award qualifications, the role of the centre and centre representative, and Trinity points of contact.
  • Delivering Arts Award with young people - The role of the Arts Award adviser, using the toolkit, support offers for centres and young people, equal opportunities, safeguarding, and insurance.
  • Assessing and entering young people for moderation/certification- Entry requirements, how to enter young people for Discover and Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold levels, qualification fees and invoicing, and data protection.
  • External moderation with Trinity - Moderation delivery, referrals and re-entry.
  • Working with Arts Award/Trinity College London -  Customer service statement, feedback, appeals, complaints, and use of the Arts Award centre logo.
  • Quality and standards - Quality assurance, malpractice, anti-corruption and bribery, and regulation.

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