Bronze & Silver adviser training

Who is the course for and can I attend? 

This course is for adults who want to become Bronze and Silver Arts Award advisers.

Advisers are crucial to Arts Award. They need to communicate with children and young people successfully and offer them effective support while they are working towards their Award.

This course is suitable for anyone who works with young people aged 11 to 25 and meets the requirements outlined in the Arts Award adviser person specification

 What will I learn?

  • get an overview of the ethos and spirit of Arts Award and a chance to explore case studies and examples of work
  • meet other professionals who are planning to run Arts Award in a wide variety of settings
  • get your digital Bronze and Silver adviser toolkit, which details what is required at each level
  • become familiar with the assessment criteria and framework for each level
  • learn how to be the primary assessor for young people's work for Arts Award
  • ask questions about how Arts Award may work for you in your particular setting
  • learn what happens next and how to move forward with Arts Award

How to I book?
To find out more about booking a Bronze & Silver training course you can view our step-by-step guide. Or you can go straight to our Course Search feature, where you can find a suitable course and make your booking.

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